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Mesopotamia, the "land among the rivers," was once the positioning of the world's first precise towns, empires, large-scale engineering initiatives, and written literature. The heritage, tradition, and contributions of the pivotal civilizations that inhabited the world are offered in bright aspect during this quantity, such as the increase and fall of Sumeria, Babylonia, Assyria, and Persia.

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Who expanded the city Inside the fortified walls were thousands of buildings, ranging from ordinary houses and shops to enormous temples and palaces. At least by Herodotus’s day, they were aligned along a well-organized grid. “There are a great many houses of three and four stories,” he writes. 181) The larger structures in the city included the great temple of the god Marduk and, situated slightly north of it, an immense ziggurat standing some 300 feet (90m) high, perhaps the Tower of Babel mentioned in the Bible.

Like the onset of a storm, I press on. Like an evil downpour, I rage. . Like a net, I entangle. . At the mention of my mighty name, the princes of the four regions (of the world) trembled. As these vigorous kings brought more and more towns and territory into the empire, it became increasingly more difficult to collect tribute from and suppress rebellions in distant areas. For expediency, therefore, the royal government made many of these areas official provinces, each ruled by an Assyrian governor appointed by the king in Ashur.

I put on board the boat all my kith and kin. ” Then the floods came and covered the land far and wide, drowning all those humans and animals that were not in Atrahasis’s boat. Finally, on the seventh day, the storm subsided and Atrahasis looked out at the ruined world. “Silence reigned, for all of humanity had returned to clay,” he says. The flood-plain was as flat as a roof. I opened a porthole and light fell on my cheeks. . Tears ran down my cheeks. . The boat had come to rest on [the top of] Mount Nimush.

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