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By Vernon Cooray (auth.)

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This booklet approximately lightning summarizes the essence of physics and results of lightning in a non-technical demeanour and gives an updated description of the phenomenon of lightning in uncomplicated language. beginning with the myths with regards to lightning, the reader is brought to the mechanism of lightning flashes and their interactions with people, human-made structures and Earth’s surroundings. many of the to be had books on lightning are written for the specialists within the box and there's a want for a ebook that introduces the undergraduate and starting publish graduate scholars to the topic of lightning and prepares them for extra complicated books intended for the specialists. This introductory ebook, that is according to a chain of lectures given to undergraduate and postgraduate scholars in electric engineering, is meant to fill this want. adapted to the desires of collage scholars who plan to check electric engineering, meteorology, environmental or uncomplicated physics, it's also a worthy reference source for laymen who're drawn to figuring out extra in this phenomenon.

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Moreover, the potential gradient along the leader channel is not constant. It is smaller in the older sections of the leader channel and larger in newly created sections. The development of the potential gradient along the leader channel can be derived iteratively using the theory developed by Gallimberti [13]. Assume that at any time the current flowing through a section of the leader channel, the electric field in that channel section, and the radius of that channel section are known. Let us represent them by I(t), E(t), and a(t).

Ar P r I O dl Fig. 7 Geometry relevant to definition of magnetic field produced by a current element according to Biot-Savart’s law. In the diagram, dl is an elementary current element (or a small piece of the conductor carrying a current). 7 Magnetic Field Produced by Current Element Consider a current element dl through which a current I is flowing (Fig. 7). The current element can be represented by a vector dl with magnitude dl and direction specified by the direction of current flow. According to Biot-Savart’s law, the B-field produced by this current element at point P is given by dB ¼ μo I Á dl  ar 4π jRj2 , ð3:19Þ where ar is a unit vector in the direction of OP (Fig.

For ease of analysis only the main charge centers are considered in the calculation. (b) Geometry relevant to calculation of electric field produced by downward moving stepped leader. In the figure dz is an element of the stepped leader channel located at a distance r from the point of observation P. The length of the leader channel at time t is vt.

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