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The stoichiometrically least abundant compound is the nitric oxide, as 4/2 is less than 6/2. 15] The difference  Ak 0   Ak  is the lost quantity of a reactant and its opposite is the amount of a product produced. 0 = 0 is mostly chosen if at least one of the products formed by the reaction is missing. R1] gives: NO  NO0  2 NO0   NO0 (1  2)  4(1  2) Chemical Reaction and Kinetic Quantities 15 H 2  = H 2 0  2 NO0   6  8 H 2 O = H 2 O0  2 NO0 a = 2 NO0   8 N 2  = N 2 0 + NO0  = NO0  = 4 From this we can see that the fractional extent is zero if only the reactants are present and is one when the reaction is terminated by the complete disappearance of the least abundant reactant.

Space function of an elementary reaction Each elementary step occurs in a single zone. In fact, if it involves two zones, then one part of the reaction will occur in one zone and the second part in the other. In this case, the reaction would no longer be elementary since it would occur in two steps and at least one intermediate species would be formed between both steps. 1] The space function is expressed in m3 per mole or m2 per mole. The notion of space function is not defined for a non-elementary reaction.

These catalysts have three specific properties: – an enzyme is very specific to a very particular reaction and this specificity can even be stereochemical; – enzymes are hydrosoluble substances; – enzymes are catalysts that have an optimum temperature of action. The existence of an optimum temperature is due to the fact that enzymes are not stable with temperature and thus this instability counteracts the kinetic effect of temperature. 7. 2. Heterogeneous catalysis This is a reaction between reactants leading to products that usually belong to the same phase (liquid or gas) and utilize the surface of a solid phase in their mechanism.

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