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Stabakah have been left out of consideration. Incomplete lines are counted as one. Thus counted, the five Stabakas have the following numbers of lines: Stabaka No. of lines R e l a t i v e size I II III IV V 523 500 748 222 892 3rd longest 4th longest 2nd longest shortest . :^": Moreover, the proof based on käryatvam in the first series of proofs has 167 lines in print, while that based on pratyayah in the second series has 385. The latter proof occupies more than one-third of the total length of the fifth Stabaka and is more than one-and-a-half times the length of the entire fourth Stabaka.

1). 36 The Author and the Work respectively, Udayana brings even in these chapters the views of other schools60. That Udayana did not intend each chapter to be the refutation of a particular school can be clearly seen from the third Stabaka where Udayana deals with and refutes the views of different philosophical schools, including the views of the classical Vaisesikas who maintained that comparison (upamänam) and verbal testimony (sabdah) were not distinct and independent means of valid cognition, but reducible to inference.

Consequently he was not in a position to make an adequate study of Udayana or sufficiently appreciate his contribution. Although no exhaustive studies of the Kusumänjali have appeared even to this day, we have the complete text of the work with several valuable commentaries of authors earlier than Haridäsa Bhattäcärya. Had COWELL the opportunity of studying this work, as we now have, I believe he would have modified his statement about the value of the Nyäyakusumänj ali. yaurvänalanipätipotasämyätrikasärthavad veti.

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