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By John J. TePaske and edited by Kendall W. Brown

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45 He calculates that between 1700 and 1799, 128,831 kilograms were produced in Minas Gerais; 31,880 kilograms in Goiás; and 12,000 kilograms in Mato Grosso. This amounts to 172,711 kilograms for Luso-America in this period—a surprisngly low estimate by a well established economic historian of Brazil. 46 Morineau also calculates that 446,627 42 João Pandía Calógeras, Formação histórica do Brasil 7 ed. (São Paulo: Companhía Editora Nacional, 1987), 46. Other editions appeared in 1930, 1935, 1938, and 1963.

Other important contributors to colonial mining history will emerge in chapters two through six, which follow. Colonial mintage too became a target for a number of investigators. By the end of the colonial period there were seven mints in colonial Spanish America in Mexico City, Guatemala City, Bogotá, von Staat, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft Lateinamerikas 17 (1980): 157–185; “Problèmes d’une ville a la fin de l’époque coloniale: Prix e salaires à Zacatecas (1760–1821),” Cahiers des Amériques Latines 6 (1972): 1–37; “Long-Term Silver Mining Trends in Spanish America: A Comparative Analysis of Peru and Mexico,” American Historical Review 93 (October 1988): 898–935; and Economic Growth and Change in Bourbon Mexico (Gainesville: University Presses of Florida, 1993).

Of these registries the caja of Mexico yielded 34,586 kilograms (25 percent), San Luis Potosí 29,167 kilograms (21 percent), Durango 24,503 kilograms (18 percent), Guanajuato 21,309 kilograms (16 percent), Rosario/ Alamos/Cosalá 16,948 kilograms (12 percent), Guadalajara 6,736 kilograms (5 percent), Zimapán 2,011 and Chihuahua’s 1,699 kilograms (1 percent each). As noted, gold output at Zacatecas and Pachuca was inconsequential. Although Mexico produced only 8 percent of all New World gold during the colonial period and 20 percent of Spanish American output, its gold yields were low contrasted with that of silver.

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