Download PDF by Robert J. Cressman: "A Magnificent Fight": The Battle for Wake Island

By Robert J. Cressman

ISBN-10: 1612512305

ISBN-13: 9781612512303

This e-book recounts how the Wake Island garrison survived approximately day-by-day bombings and repulsed the 1st jap try and take the atoll. the writer makes use of huge eastern materials--many by no means ahead of used or available-- to spot the enemy order of conflict and the jobs each one unit performed within the drama.

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After another digression describing the loading of the victims into the cars, Karski writes emphatically: “I know that many people will not believe me, will not be able to believe me, will think I exaggerate or invent. But I saw it and it is not exaggerated or invented. I have no other proofs, no photographs. All I can say is that I saw it and that it is the truth. The floor of the car had been covered with a thick, white powder. It was quicklime. Quicklime is simply unslaked lime or calcium oxide that has been dehydrated.

Mark Weber, “‘Jewish soap’,” Journal of Historical Review, 11(2) (1991), pp. 217-227. Chapter II: Origins and Development of the Official Historical Version 1. The Struggle between Electric Current and Exhaust Gas On the eve of the Nuremberg trial, the version of extermination at BeáĪec by electric current had vanquished the other versions and had been officially adopted by the Polish and Soviet authorities. In 1945, Dr. Litawski, officer in charge of the Polish War Crimes Office, drafted a report on the alleged German extermination camps in Poland for the coming trial, in which he wrote:70 “The camp of BeáĪec was situated in the neighbourhood of the railway station and was linked with it by a special track on which the trains carrying arrested Jews were brought close to the barbed wire of the camp.

Cf. in this respect my study Il rapporto Gerstein, op. cit. (note 83), pp. 129-137. PS-1553, p. 6; PS-2170, p. 6; T-1310, p. 14. Interrogation of December 29, 1945. AGK, OKBZN Kraków, 111, pp. 3-3a. K. ĩydów Polskich – Oddziaá w Krakowie, Kraków 1946, pp. 44 and 46. ” The metaphorical duel described in this section, in its scope and its outcome, has an importance which goes beyond the single case we have dealt with, because it poses a general problem of historiographical method affecting all the fanciful versions that have circulated about the alleged extermination camps.

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