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By Kofi Yakpo

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The root) not the phonological word. OBJ’ and in compounds, each morpheme or component is notated separately up to the morpheme breaks (-) and (=). OBJ’ [ték=àn] [tròwé=àn] Components of compound nouns and verbs are marked separately Malàbo-bɔy òva-chɔp ‘Malabo-boy’ ‘over-eat’ [màlàbò-bɔ́j] [òvà-chɔ́p] Methods and data This grammatical description of Pichi is based on the analysis of a corpus of 46,060 words of dialogues, narratives, procedural texts and elicitations. The data was collected during three stays of four weeks each in Malabo between 2003 and 2007.

Her unpublished work encompasses analyses of Pichi grammar, wordlists as well as a collection of stories and proverbs, many of which are falling into oblivion. Aside from that, CEIBA Ediciones (Barcelona) has published a series of works dealing with the precolonial and colonial history and the political economy of Fernando Po, as well as the pivotal role of the Fernandinos in the making of present-day Bioko (cf. g. Del Molino (1993) and García Cantús (2006)). 7 Standardisation and orthography No commonly accepted standard orthography is in use for Pichi.

The latter language has contributed at least one item of the 40-word list to Pichi, namely estrella ‘star’. The degree of lexical similarity between any pair of languages in the tree can be determined by measuring the distance between them from 11 INTRODUCTION endpoint to endpoint. Ten units on the scale bar correspond to ten units on the tree and in the numerical distance matrix in (11) below. The match is only approximate, however, because there are 161 distances in the data and only 33 segments in the tree.

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