Trevor G. Fenell, Henriki Gelson's A Grammar of Modern Latvian (Slavistic Printings and PDF

By Trevor G. Fenell, Henriki Gelson

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ISBN-13: 9789027979360

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It is the elliptical interpretation that has been adopted in the present study, on the grounds of the strong resemblance between such an example and that in (63). (64) It’s their interest you want – not their sympathy. (LOB F03,175,176) The criterion that has been used to separate clefts with ellipsed relative clause, such as (63), from copular sentences with referential it as subject, is the clear retrievability of items representing the ellipsed relative clause, either directly from the co-text or context, or indirectly via inferences from them.

34 Cleft and pseudo-cleft constructions in English b. The car doesn’t only need a new battery. The ‘implied exclusiveness’ conveyed by clefts and pseudo-clefts, as identifying constructions, is a matter of pragmatics: an inference warranted by the construction. Because it is not part of the prepositional semantics, this feature is not affected by negation or interrogation. Thus the implied exclusiveness of (22c) is retained in its negated counterpart, (24): (24) It is not a new battery that the car needs.

The meaning of (39a) Jespersen takes to be ‘The heart that never rejoices is poor’ rather than ‘That which never rejoices is a poor heart’. In other words (39a) is a generic statement ascribing the attribute (‘being poor’) to any ‘heart that never rejoices’. It is poor that the heart that never rejoices is. The unacceptability of (40) is reduced marginally if a contradicting expression is added (‘It is poor that the heart that never rejoices is, not indifferent’). Sentence (41), from LOB, belongs in the same category as those in (39).

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A Grammar of Modern Latvian (Slavistic Printings and Reprintings ; No. 304) Vol.1 by Trevor G. Fenell, Henriki Gelson

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