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By Sebastian Fedden

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Mian is an endangered non-Austronesian ('Papuan') language of the okay relatives spoken within the Highlands fringe in western Papua New Guinea through nearly 1,400 audio system. This grammar is the 1st complete description of the language with special research of tone, gender and clause chaining. The research is predicated on fundamental box information recorded through the writer. The publication features a number of totally glossed and translated texts and a note list.

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It’s a dog’. Apart from these fixed rules, pronunciation of /l/ varies considerably between speakers. Generally, /l/ can be realized as [l] in all other positions apart from word-initial and word-medial position following a consonant. g. as second member of the syllable-initial consonant clusters /bl, kl, l, sl, fl/ and between vowels. Some speakers do not have [l] at all. They pronounce /l/ as [ ] in all positions with a certain tendency to have [r] in the syllable-initial cluster /tl/. 1.

Materials on Tifal phonology can be found in Steinkraus (1963, 1969), materials on Tifal grammar in Healey and Steinkraus (1972) and in Boush (1975). For information on Faiwol, see Mecklenburg and Mecklenburg (1969, 1977) and Mecklenburg (1974). 3. Typological profile Mian has a relatively small segmental phoneme inventory though of fairly typical shape and size by Papuan standards. An unusual feature of the segmental inventory is the presence of a contrast between a plain /a/ (spelled ) and a pharyngealized /a/ (spelled ).

The only other Ok language described in greater detail is Telefol. Phyllis and Alan Healey did research on Telefol phonology (Healey 1964b), noun phrase (Healey 1965a), clause structure (Healey 1965b), verb phrase (Healey 1965c), and clause chaining constructions (Healey 1966). In addition to that, the Healeys published an excellent dictionary (Healey and Healey 1977). Their findings have never been published in a single volume. Materials on Tifal phonology can be found in Steinkraus (1963, 1969), materials on Tifal grammar in Healey and Steinkraus (1972) and in Boush (1975).

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