New PDF release: A Grammar of Gaagudju

By Mark Harvey

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This grammar offers an total description of Gaagudju, a now approximately extinct language of northern Australia. Gaagudju differs from so much formerly defined Australian languages in a few methods. It exhibits marked adjustments within the realizations of under pressure and unstressed syllables. It has complicated platforms of prefixation in addition to suffixation. there's a transparent contrast among effective and unproductive morphology, with a large number of the morphology being unproductive. whereas be aware order is mostly loose, strictly ordered phrasal compounding buildings are vital.

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The morpheme-final contrast is rare. 1). 1). However the following pairs establish that the distribution of alveolare and retroflexes is not predictable. (2-15) η : rn 1: rl marlandjibaardal 'to become dark' 'tree sp' maardarn maarlarl 'few' 'leaf Retroflexion is usually distinguishable by a fairly clear [X] off-glide on the preceding vowel. Vowels also tend to be slightly longer before retroflexes than before alveolare. Distinguishing alveolars and retroflexes is chiefly problematic when they occur as the initial consonant in a stressed syllable.

Umbugarla This language includes Umbugarla proper and Ngombur. ). The relationship between this language and the term Magabalal is presently uncertain. It appears to be used mainly by Gundjeihmi people and its reference for them is not clear to me. Peggy Balmana said that Magabalal was the Gundjeihmi name for Umbugarla and Ngomburr people. She stated that the Kunwinjku equivalent of Magabalal was Gun-garrigen. I was not able to confirm this information more generally. The relationship between these 8 linguists' languages and the system of language names used by Aboriginal people is not straightforward.

The same situation holds for the three Irrealis prefix complexes. These are never reduced when stressed. There is a minimal pair contrasting /ng/ and 0 in stressed syllables. Segmental phonology (2-67) ngaardi 'head' aardi 43 'possessions' The phonological conditionings do not however fully predict the occurrence of the velar nasal lenition. (2-68) ngalaararr [ ^ a l ä a ^ a r ] ~ [alaajLar] 'liver' ngalaambirr [galäambir] ~ *[alaambir] 'cough' While lenition has been recorded with ngalararr 'liver', it has not been recorded with ngalambirr 'cough'.

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