A Grammar of Bilua: A Papuan Language of the Solomon Islands by Kazuko Obata PDF

By Kazuko Obata

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ISBN-13: 9780858835313

This grammar of Bilua, a revision of the author's PhD thesis, is the 1st complete description of the language. Bilua is spoken on Vella l. a. Vella island within the Western Province of the Solomon Islands. in line with the 1976 census there are approximately eighty five vernacular languages indigenous to the Solomon Islands. the vast majority of those are Austronesian, yet between them are 4 Papuan languages, one among that's Bilua.

The grammar awarded this is in line with the dialect of the Bilua zone, that's considered as ordinary through local community, most likely simply because Methodist missionaries who arrived early within the 20th century appeared it because the language of the island.

In the prior, the Austronesian language Roviana was once used as a lingua franca within the zone and so older humans on Vella los angeles Vella communicate Roviana in addition to Bilua. although, the function of Roviana has been taken over via Solomon Islands Pidgin that is utilized in basic faculties and in church ceremonies that are important to the lives of individuals in Vella l. a. Vella. there's a excessive cost of intermarriage among Vella los angeles Vella humans and folks from different islands and combined speak in Bilua, Pidgin, or one of many different Solomons languages. Pidgin phrases are combined into Bilua and infrequently humans change from one language to a different of their speech. hence the Bilua language is altering a result of effect of Pidgin, and, even if the inhabitants of Vella l. a. Vella is expanding swiftly, Bilua is endangered.

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