New PDF release: 40 More Years. How the Democrats Will Rule the Next

By James Carville

Every 4 years american citizens carry a presidential election. an individual wins and an individual loses. that is existence. yet 2008 was once an anomaly. The election of President Barack Obama is set whatever some distance greater than 4 or maybe 8 years within the White apartment. due to the fact 2004, american citizens were witnessing and collaborating within the emergence of a Democratic majority that might final no longer 4 yet 40 years.

To comprehend the emergence of an enduring Democratic majority we will first need to spend a couple of moments reviewing the profound and constant incompetence of the Bush management -- and the pursuant cave in of the Republican get together. that implies on reflection on the failure of Republican principles -- together with a wholesale rejection of the parable of conservative superiority at the economic climate -- and keeping our noses lengthy adequate to survey the gallery of really repellent scoundrels, scandals, and screwups that the Republican social gathering has been answerable for over the past 8 years.

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The best authority on the content of the Matthew Dowd memo that I know of is Thomas Edsall, who wrote about it in Building Red America. Here’s Edsall’s summary of the momentous memo that sealed the fate of the Republicans in 2008 and beyond: Dowd analyzed poll data and found that the percentage of voters who could be classified as genuinely “swing” or persuadable voters had shrunk from roughly 24 percent of the electorate, to 6 percent or less. This meant that developing governing and election strategies geared at building up turnout among base votes became much more important than developing governing and election strategies designed to appeal to swing, or middle-of-the-road, voters.

Americans now have overwhelming, incontrovertible proof that Florida was stolen, and it’s just one part of the body of evidence that proves Republicans are corrupt. JUSTICE DEPARTMENT Two dispositive words for you on the topic of Republican corruption, dear reader: Justice Department. To my great joy, one of the first post-election headlines questioned whether Obama would be investigating Alberto Gonzales and the Justice Department. 21 That bodes well. Although it is no doubt unnecessary, allow me to formally and clearly express my support for a thorough and unrelenting investigation of Alberto Gonzales and the Bush Justice Department.

It’s more fashionable to mumble something about corrupt local politicians or the culture of incompetence and corruption in Louisiana or whatever other inane crap that flies because New Orleans is a thousand miles away. If anyone has any doubt of just how bad President Bush was, all they have to do is watch footage of that incurious dolt receiving the briefing that a major American city was about to be lost and not asking a single question. 3 It may be more polite to mumble something about Louisiana’s lack of self-sufficiency or corruption and how we need to look forward and not back.

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