Rui Ming's 25 quintessential programming interview problems. Set A PDF

By Rui Ming

This ebook has 25 fundamental coding difficulties supplemented by way of C++ strategies perfect for technical interview arrangements for a software program Developer place at tech titans like Google, Microsoft, fb, Apple, Twitter, Amazon or many Silicon Valley startups.
This booklet provides you hand picked 25 essential coding difficulties (katas) that each software program Developer needs to completely understand how to unravel. the matter set covers easy facts constitution problem(s) (Linked checklist, Binary Tree, String, Array, HashTable), Bit Manipulations, Sorting, Numerical, Combinatorics and simple algorithms recommendations resembling grasping set of rules and Divide-and-Conquer.
Each challenge is observed via a operating and concise C++ answer, non-compulsory illustrations, research and attempt instances. we attempt to maintain the suggestions fresh, basic, and concise. also, comparable adaptations to the issues also are supplied for every given challenge. lots of the difficulties provided during this e-book require readers to have easy familiarity with algorithms taught in an undergraduate point algorithms type and a operating wisdom of C++ programming language and uncomplicated familiarity with STL library.

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Variation 3: convert c-string to floating number, atof. Test Cases 1. “0” – zero 2. “000” – another kind of zero 3. “-123” – negative number; expected:-123 4. “+123” – positive number; expected:123 5. “123” – positive number; expected:123 6. “00123” – number with leading zeroes; expected:123 7. “ 123 ” – number with leading and trailing spaces; expected:123 8. “1000” – number with trailing zeroes; expected: 1000 9. “1a2” – number containing invalid character; expected: 1 10. “5555555555555555555555” – int overflowing; expected: -1 11.

Variation 2: reverse digits in integer. Reverse(12345) returns 54321. Variation 3: reverse binary bits of 32 bit integer. Reverse(0x00000005), returns 0x5000000. Solution Maintain two indexes, i and j pointing to the start and end position of the input string respectively. Run a loop swap(input, i, j), increments i and decrements j each time until they meet. size() - 1; while (i < j) { Swap(input, i, j); ++i; --j; } } 2^I . 3^j . 5^k Problem Hamming numbers, also known as ugly numbers and also 5-smooth numbers (numbers whose prime divisors are less or equal to 5), are numbers of the form .

Variation 3: Max Product of Subarray. Variation 4: Max Sum of Sub [2D] Matrix. Test Cases 1. [4] – single item 2. [4,-5,1,5,-6,9] – general case; max = 9 3. [0,0,-1,0,-4] – zeroes and negatives; max = 0 4. [-7, -2, -3, -11, -4, -5] – all negatives; max = -2 Solution There exists solution with O(1) space and O(n) runtime complexity for this problem. If there is at least one positive number in the array, one can use two variables to track running-sum and max-sum. The running-sum tracks the last positive sum.

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25 quintessential programming interview problems. Set A by Rui Ming

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